Viral Comedian Jokes About 17 Hilarious Ways Christians Can Say No

Over the past few years, comedian John Crist has become increasingly popular online. He is known for making hilarious jokes that are relatable and appropriate for the whole family. In his latest video, he shares 17 hysterical ways that Christians can say no.

It doesn’t matter if you need to turn down a date, a party invitation, or just simply tell someone no, this video will help you get there. By the end of it, you’ll have an arsenal of kind ways to tell someone that you can’t make it or that you’re not interested.

John jokes that this long list of ways of saying no will have you sounding way more spiritual than you actually are. You could reply to someone by saying, “It’s just not His timing,” or “It’s not God’s will.”

Crist continues to give you simple ways that you can say no without actually saying it. John will have you taking notes and filling your head with creative ways to turn down future events and invitations. We love his comedic spin on everything that he does.