Virginia Family Grows Overnight! The Tragic Tale of Loss and Sadness Will Wrench Your Heart.

It’s difficult to raise kids. No matter how many of them you have, letting them make their own mistakes, making sure they are eating well, school, bills. UGH! It can be overwhelming even at the best of times. Yet, you continue, hoping that you can make an impact on them. Hoping to make a change for the better in their lives.

This amazingly gracious mother of five found herself at her best friend’s side. The hospital where she resided didn’t allow her to leave anymore. She was terminally ill and if she was going to go, it should be safely in the warmth of a bed. Her best friend of many years Beth Laitkep was diagnosed with breast cancer. She fought the destructive disease as best as she could, but in the end, it unfortunately wasn’t enough.

Her last wish was that her friend of many years, Stephanie Culley take her six children and watch after them. To let them feel the warmth of family, the compassion and belonging that is essential for growth. As a mother of five herself, she couldn’t imagine asking someone that question. She was chosen for many reasons, her long history with the parted as well as her parenting style. Laitkep noted it was similar to Culleys and would be best for her kids.

The amazing story of selflessness lead to the media getting ahold of the amazing story. Stephanie worried about making ends meet with six new kids, six new mouths to feed just overnight. The sudden change would throw anyone off their game. While on the Rachel Maddow show, she found herself in the charitable hands of the quirky show host. Without even a blink of her eyes, Rachel produced a briefcase full of cash to the tired mother. Tears welled up in her eyes and she cried. Covering her mouth by how blown away she was at her generosity.

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