They Visited A Rescued Animal Shelter, But They Didn’t Expect The Kittens To Do THIS!

There’s nobody in this world that can be completely excluded from the joy that a family can bring. The way that we rely on each other as we grow up in order to become better people is the staple of humankind, and it’s what makes us strong and unique amongst all living things. Family can always bring us back up when we’re not in our best, and that’s why it’s one of the most important things in this life that we shouldn’t ever leave behind.

Animals are not an exception to this family rule, and for each species the same principle applies, in a different way. In the video below, there’s a pair of kitties that make for a perfect example of how animals are always looking out for each other just like humans do. Two cat siblings were abandoned and rescued, and when they found themselves in the shelter, they were being very cautious towards everyone inside of it.

You can see how the littly kitty brother comforts her sister in the most adorable way possible! Even in rough times, it’s always great to have someone that can look out for you. Cat babies are always too adorable!

Watch this cute pair for yourself, just below here.

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