She Visits Fiancé’s Brain-Damaged Sister, Then Asks Something That Leaves Entire Family In Tears

People say siblings are very different and cannot get along as well as friends. Although there are siblings who don’t share many interests, there are some that do have a special bond. They support each other through thick and thin and are always there for each other.

Initially, we thought that this type of bond only existed in twins. But many cases have proven that it is not a question of being born together. It is more a question of having “twin souls.” Having that connection that only occurs when people are meant to be together. When you can have a similar connection with someone in your own family, it is even more meaningful.

In some cases, people don’t even have to live to live together to share this bond. Such was the case of two siblings that were separated at birth. They had been sent to different foster homes and had not seen each other since. Many years went by and each one managed to live a normal life. One day, one of them was eating at a local diner when he accidentally ran into his brother. The only thing is that he didn’t realize who it was.

After talking, they found out they had many things in common. They both had studied accounting and married a girl with the same name. They had similar interests and the same hobbies. Both have been inseparable since.

Siblings Derrick and Jessica Torres have always been very close. They did everything together and had their whole lives planned together. One day, a terrible accident shattered those dreams. Jessica was being taken home after a date when one of the tires suddenly burst. The car rolled three times and Jessica was thrown out of the car. She was not wearing a seatbelt. The accident left her in a minimally conscious state. With time, she has made progress and can now laugh and follow things and people with her eyes.

When Derrick got engaged, he wanted Jessica to continue being a part of his life. He found a unique way of making that possible. His fiancée Nicole made a special card and went to read it to her. She asked Jessica’s mother if she could go up to her room to do it. The card reads “Soon you will be my sister, but until then will you be my bridesmaid?” When the card is read everyone starts tearing up. They are all touched that they would include Jessica on such a special occasion.