She Vividly Remembers Her Imaginary Sister, 50 Years Later The Shocking Truth Will Make You Cry!

Whenever she was sad, Helen would always turn to her imaginary friend for comfort. The friend’s name was her “secret sister.”

So when her abusive dad would come home and she knew she was in danger, her secret sister would be there to comfort her.

But it was 50-years later that Helen learned that this sister was not imaginary – she was real!

Meanwhile, far from Helen, Jenny quickly figured out she was adopted when she was a small child after a cousin told her about it.

When Jenny asked her mom, she told her it was true. From then on, Jenny dedicated the rest of her life to searching for her biological family.

It took decades, but eventually Jenny found Mercia, her biological mother. Mercia said Jenny had been given up for adoption because of the hard times they fell under after the war.

Mercia made Jenny promise never to look or find Helen. She didn’t want her to know that her secret sister was real.

But after Mercia died, Jenny decided to find her long-lost sister. Just hours after posting on Genes United, a website that reunites lost family members, Jenny established contact with Helen.

Helen was ignorant to the fact that she had a secret sister and that her abusive dad wasn’t her biological father. She was overjoyed to be united with Jenny, finally!

The women believed they were half-sisters but after a DNA test, they learned they were fraternal twins!!!

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