Voice Impressionist’s Face Morphs Into the Celebrities He’s Imitating

Impressionist Jim Meskimen performs a poem about being an impressionist, using 20 celebrity voices. Deepfake artist SHAM00K then transforms his face into each celebrity as he imitates them.

Impressionists are a breed set apart from other comics, especially when they have the talent of someone like Jim Meskimen. Add to his brilliant ability to mimic just about anyone a set of deepfakes that actually transform his face into the person he’s imitating, and this is something you cannot miss.

Meskimen recites a poem he wrote entitled “Pity the Poor Impressionist,” about being an impressionist, using his skills at mimicry to have 20 different celebrities perform his work. While he speaks, the deepfake makes him look like the person he is imitating.

The deepfake is a fascinating bit of technology. Here it is used to enhance the performance, turning a standard poem recitation into something truly magical. Meskimen has deepfake artist SHAM00K to thank for this.

Here’s our favorite stanza from the poem:
“His borrowed voices can’t deflect
a life of well-deserved neglect.
His name’s on simply no one’s lips;
forgotten, vain impressionist.”

Voice Impressionist\'s Face Morphs Into the Celebrities He’s Imitating