‘Voice’ Singer Emily Bass Performs Taylor Swift’s ‘Blank Space’ and Covers The Internet In Goosebumps

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Emily Bass’s Rendition of Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space” Leaves the Judges Wondering if They Made a Mistake

With a name made for music, Emily Bass joins ‘The Voice’s’ stage with a beautiful cover of Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space.” Even though this sweetheart sung her heart out and also brought gifts for the judges, her showing just fell short.

At just sixteen years old, the power in this performers voice is remarkable. Here’s hoping that she sticks to her art, returning to ‘The Voice’ in a few years after refining her unique sound.

Gwen Stefani was the first top point out just how close this singer came to joining her team. She said, “Okay, wait! I feel like, I was so close. I even had the pinch fingers going. Like, I love your tone. ”

og2 ‘Voice’ Singer Performs Taylor Swift’s ‘Blank Space’ and Covers The Internet In Goosebumps

Nothing but agreeing came from John Legend, with the star adding, “You know, I think what we all were hearing was a lot of potential that needed a little bit more polish.”

“While I love that song, it’s so quick,” said Kelly Clarkson, commenting that Taylor Swift is a poet whose work translates to a song that requires a certain finesse to pull off.

She said, “But you chose a spot where you went real big. If you would have done that one or two more times in there just to show us how big your voice can get, I promise you if you come back next season, you’ll get chairs to turn.”

“I think sometimes as coaches we make a mistake but as we talk through these things, and I hear us all saying ‘Man, it was right there,” commented Blake Shelton “that’s when it dawns on me – Yeah, that’s what we’re supposed to do on this show.”

Blake continued, “We’re supposed to coach you and then win this show. I’m hoping that you do come back and give us another chance.”

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However, Emily Bass wasn’t done yet. Her present to the judges may not have been food like Blake had hoped, but it was something far more amazing.

Emily Bass is an artist whose creativity spans more than one type of media. Just take a look at the hand-drawn sketches of our favorite judges from this year’s season. Don’t worry Emily – you’ve proven that you’re a star who is just waiting for the right moment to shine. It’s coming.

This is a powerful performer, indeed. We can’t wait to see her in future competition. However, what many fans missed is that this talented young performer is also battling ‘CRPS.’

Complex regional pain syndrome refers to a malfunctioning nervous system indicating a disconnect between the spinal cord and peripheral nerves. Severe chronic pain is but one of the symptoms – we wish you all the strength of the world young Emily.

\'Voice\' Singer Emily Bass Performs Taylor Swift\'s \'Blank Space\' and Covers The Internet In Goosebumps