After Vote, Browser the Library Cat Gets to Stay at the Place He Calls Home.

Life in a small community or town has a very different feel than living in a large city. Power and politics can play a much larger role in those small places, with community matters that wouldn’t make the residents of a city bat their eyes can take on a much different, almost fever pitch in the tinier places, where everyone seems to know each other and one person can sway decisions. Unless a larger force, like social media comes into play. That’s what happened with Browser the cat.

Browser has been there at the library in White Settlement, Texas, for many years. All of a sudden, someone had a problem because their feelings got hurt that they couldn’t take a puppy to work. In a small community, it can be absurdly easy to tip over the apple cart. Never mind that this was largely an apples and oranges situation. Luckily Browser’s plight made it to Facebook and other sites and that’s what made this meeting necessary and save him from becoming homeless – though I’m sure one of the residents would have adopted him. .

There has to be one person at these meetings who spends his or her time railing about social media. This time is was Elzie Clements, the pro-tem Mayor of White Settlement. He sounded like someone who wanted to throw all the kids off his lawn. Either that or one of those villains in “Scooby Doo” who would have gotten away with it if it weren’t for those “meddling kids”. Either way, he didn’t seem too popular in the YouTube videos.

The outcome was favorable – hopefully the younger residents of this place will carry a more open-minded view of cats and other animals in the workplace. Otherwise, we’ll probably see a lot more of these videos, with cranky older people making a lot more noise. For those who live in small communities, especially ones with a lot of older people, the surge of social media must seem like a very different world. I hope it keeps changing for the better.

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