Wait Until You See The Gift That This Fire-Truck Loving Dog Gets For His Birthday. SO COOL.

I find myself constantly amazed… and mostly amused… at what our pets can find to occupy their time when they aren’t sleeping and eating and badgering us to feed them so they can go back to sleep. Take my cats, for example. They treat the windows to our place like we treat our television – an endless source of amusement. Their “programming” includes birds, squirrels, and people. Though if one of the grounds crew comes by with a leaf blower, they act like he’s someone from a horror movie. It keeps them occupied. Then here’s something that a particular dog likes.

What is it that this service dog, named Maddox, finds so fascinating? He loves the sound of a fire engine. I can agree with him there – when I was a kid and a fire engine drove by, I would imitate the siren. Shhh… don’t tell anyone… I still do that sometimes and I’m in my mid-40s. Maddox happily howls along with the fire truck as it drives by. So… his mommy and daddy and the local fire department decided to do something to help celebrate his birthday.

They decided to take him to the station. What a cool gift! The firemen all came out and pet him and wished him a happy birthday. Then, to his delight, they set off the siren, and he accompanied it with a chorus of howls. His tail was wagging furiously, so that mean that he was happy with what was going on. He wasn’t in any kind of tremendous pain or discomfort. What a gift!

Some armchair vets left comments on the YouTube page said that it was cruel that they did that to him. Seriously, if was bothering him that much, he would have been trying to run away from the whole thing or nudging his parents toward their car or home. This pooch was having an utter blast. He probably wishes that he could celebrate his birthday every day. Though he llikely wouldn’t want to wear the fireman costume all the time.

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