Wait until you see what happens when these two mistreated tigers see water for the first time

Planet Earth is truly an amazing and beautiful place. In addition to its incredible landscapes, there are millions of animal species roaming across the world. Sadly, many species are facing extinction, and humans are a big part of the problem. Tigers, for instance, are currently at the highest risk of extinction. They’ve already made it onto the endangered list, and there are only 3,900 tigers left in the entire world! Despite this fact, people are failing to understand the gravity of the situation.

Two tigers, Carli and Lily, were formerly owned by people who didn’t grasp the fact that their ownership over these poor creatures was incredibly harmful. The tigers were among 19 exotic animals that had been taken out of a failed facility in New York. The conditions they were saved from were incredibly dirty. These animals were totally neglected and could have lost their lives had they not been rescued. Now, they live in a remote part of Nevada at a GFAS-verified wildlife sanctuary called Safe Haven Rescue Zoo.

During much of the year, the sanctuary is exposed to lots of sunlight and extreme heat. Nevada is desert country, after all! To combat the hot temperatures, members of the zoo decided to provide the animals with swimming pools. Carli and Lily had never had an experience like their first trip to the pool before! Below, you can watch them have a blast as they explore the new territory. According to the sanctuary, both tigers have adjusted well to their new home. They definitely seem to be in a safer, more fun environment!

You won’t want to miss these adorable tigers having the time of their lives in their new cool-down spot. Be sure to check out the clip and leave a comment down below! Then, share this amazing story with your family and friends.