Wait Until You See Six Sons & Daughters With Six Different Reactions

No matter who you are or where you’re from, the sight of a child and their loving parent being reunited after time away at war is a sight that warms the heart. Little do these little ones know that a very big surprise is waiting just moments away. From daddy hiding right behind the door, to many hugs and open showings of emotion, there’s no denying love when it’s been held at bay.

Nothing can keep these kids away from the returning soldiers and parents happily releasing their own burden of separation and finally uniting with their families. Just look at the way a decorated dad inspires his little boy to jump up from his seat and run across the hall. Pure joy like that cannot be described or imagined but only seen, reflected to all of his classmates without even one moment of thought wasted on anything else but enjoying the moment.

Military surprise reunions inspire while granting hope and motivation to those who treasure life, liberty, and the tough choices that a true patriot makes. Each of these families coming together leave us with a spectacle whereby the walls come crashing down, and togetherness shows its true value. Six-children seeing dad come back is a moment that we’re glad was captured for all to see.