While Waiting In Line For A Treat, This Smart Dog Does THIS To Get An Extra Bit!

Videos that show dogs working together and doing unexpected things are just perfectly fit to go viral. People love watching the fun adventures and mischiefs that pups are able to make, and the following clip we will show you is not an exception! If you’re a dog owner yourself, you must know that making your dog learn tricks and become obedient can be a long and difficult task. And if you have more than one dog, the fun levels raise exponentially, because of the competition that dog siblings have against each other, which only augments even more when there’s food or treats involved.

In this hilarious moment, we see a very smart dog getting away with a very interesting trick. Since there are a lot of dogs living with him in the house, they all have to get in line to receive a treat as part of their training. This clever little pup switches places with another dog in the line, just to be able to snatch another one for himself! No amount of training and obedience can compare to the joy of getting more treats for oneself, he thinks. Being smarter means getting more treats in return, don’t you think?

Watch this funny dog video right below!

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