Waitress Struggles With Bills And Expenses for 4 Kids, Then Looks Down At Bill And Sees…

Modern-day love stories are always quite something to behold. Nowadays, it is somewhat rare to get to see them or find out about them. One of these stories happened to Jessica and Robert Reboredo. They both met through mutual friends from Jessica’s second grade teacher, Kimberly. Kimberly had always wanted to have a daughter and became quite fond of Jessica and stayed in contact with her throughout her life. Jessica works as a Chilli’s waitress and Robert is a woodcraftsman.

Since the moment Jessica and Robert met, they hit it off and right there and then knew, they were meant for each other. Shortly after, they started to form their family quite rapidly. They had 4 kids, a 4-year-old, twin 2-year-olds and a 6-month-old, everything seemed joyful and happy for them, until suddenly the unexpected came, and their world was about to change.

Robert was diagnosed with testicular cancer, which then spread to his stomach and his lungs, his treatment became so specialized that he had to be transferred from his hometown in Las Vegas to a hospital in Los Angeles. This changed the Reboredo’s whole routine, as Jessica found herself travelling back and forth because she just could not afford to miss work, even for a single day. Her day have become very hectic and her nights very long, being in Los Angeles for a week at a time or heading back at 4 o’clock in the morning so she can make it, and on top of that taking care of her 4 very young children.

Jessica has always believed that her husband, at only 25 years old is still very young, strong and still with a lot of fight in him, and still firmly believes that he will still be here to take care of his family for a long time. At the present time, she is very concerned with all the wear and tear than their van is going through back and forth every week and also with the possibility of losing their home, as all the money that comes in is immediately allocated to take her of her expenses for going back and forth to see her husband and paying for her and her 4 children.

The fact of going through all of this and the fact of being the only bread-winner in her family would take a heavy toll on everyone, but not Jessica. Jessica has always believed of keeping her chin up and keep smiling, and that is something that her co-workers and boss have always noticed.

All of this is about to change, when her second-grade teacher contacted FOX5 Surprise Squad. FOX5 Surprise Squad happily jumped in at the chance of helping out someone in need, especially when they found out of what kind of situation Jessica was dealing with. Everything is set, cameras are rolling. This is going to be Jessica’s best shift ever!