She Walked Past The Toilet And Overheard Her 3 Yr Old Son Saying THIS! I Can’t Stop Laughing!

Little kids have a knack for performing crazy antics that never fail to make you laugh. When this mom passed by the toilet in her home, she overheard her three year old son talking to himself. His blabber was so funny she just couldn’t help but record it! And thank goodness she did because this is golden!

The little kid starts his self-chatter with “Holy! That poo will overflow the toilet!” I mean who can hold in their laughter when they hear something like that! And after he says that, he goes off and mutters some more hilarious things about his potty related experience! And his conversation with himself was so funny, I just couldn’t stop laughing!

This mom passed the toilet at exactly the right moment to catch her son contemplating the effects of all the food he ate on his poo in the toilet. He runs down a list of things he ate, like cheesesticks and poutine, chocolate thingies, and more chocolate thingies. I started to wonder if he had been at a kid’s birthday party given the odd list of foods he mentioned.

Mom is standing outside the bathroom door recording all of this. So all we see is the door, but we hear the little boy, loud and clear. He swears he’ll never eat this much food again, but I have my doubts. He seems to really like chocolate thingies.

Watch this hilarious video below! What did you think about that little guy? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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