As They Walked Up to This Puppy, They Were All Certain He Was Dead. Keep Your Eye On His Tail!

As you know, animals go through some terrible situations everywhere around the world. But in Third World countries, stray animals, like the dog in this video, often go through extreme circumstances like starvation and thirst.

The pup that gets rescued in this video is so near death she no longer can stand up. The dog has simply given up and lied down on the dirt road to die.

When the cameraman first walks up to the dog, she recognizes that somewhere is here to help. So the pup wags its tail back and forth. Although it can’t even lift up its head, this dog tries its best to show gratitude. What other animal besides a dog can show gratitude like this when it’s just steps away from death’s door?

The rescue team from Animal Aid Unlimited scoops up the dying dog and takes it into the back of the truck before rushing it off for emergency care.

The dog gets treated for fourteen days with antibiotics and IV fluids. Before long, and with lots of love, she begins to walk and eat again.

See the transformation of this damaged pup at the 1-minute mark in the video. She’s standing on all four feet, wagging her tail, and joyful!

Although she still has some healing to do, this dying dog was given a second chance at life thanks to Animal Aid Unlimited in India.

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