She Walked Into A Room Filled With No Non-Sense Cops, Minutes Later She Had Them All Crying!

During a time when our nation’s police forces are facing so much controversy and loss, it’s important and inspirational to hear heart-warming stories like this one.

One little girl in Austin, Texas was so affected and disturbed by the murders of NYPD Officers Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu that she just did this to express her gratitude to her local police department.

When 10-year-old Savannah Solis first learned of the fatal attacks on two NYPD police officers, she was confused and devastated. She knew she wanted to show her support for our police forces and was determined to reach as many officers as possible.

This amazing and inspiring little girl spent all of Christmas day writing thank you letters to police in both Texas and New York. She even had the opportunity to deliver many of these letters in person.

“To my heroes. I want to say: Don’t stop. Please don’t give up,” Solis said to a group of police officers. “Many do not care or appreciate the sacrifices you make every day, but I do.

“Many are standing with me today to let you know that you matter,” she continued. “Officers across Texas, you matter to me. Officers in New York City, you matter to me. Officers all across America, you matter to me. Please keep taking care of us.”

Apparently, Savannah’s dream is to one day become a police officer. She certainly made the officers that she reached very proud and even emotional as many of them teared up upon reading Savannah’s letters or when meeting her in person.

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