He Walks Up To His Dog And Says One Word. What Happens Next? LOL!

Everybody who has owned a dog knows that they are man’s best friend, but few have a relationship quite like one man and his Boston terrier. Locked behind a gate with his Rottweiler friend, this poor little pup just wants to get out.

Instead his owner insists on yelling, “Hello!” at the little guy, But instead of just barking back like any normal dog, this tiny terrier says, “Hello” right back!

After watching the amazing video below, you’ll know for sure that dogs can talk. A crowd seems to have formed around this seemingly trapped little puppy, and every single person is amused by his antics.

Quite a few dogs have been recorded “talking,” but few are as clear and obvious as this smart dog. Over and over again he responds with an enthusiastic hello, much to the amusement of the giggling crowd.

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