He walks through singing a Christmas carol, now look at the girls in red.

Acapella singers have started to become more popular. It is usually during the holiday season that we hear them the most. But what makes them so popular? Well, for starters the fact that not many people can do what they can. One of the first groups that could sing acapella that I heard was Boyz II Men. This group of talented singers became very famous in the 90s.

The fact that they possessed very powerful voices that blended together to produce the best harmonies is what drew me to listen to them. Their songs topped the charts and their albums sold out. I remember that it was very tough to get your hands on one of their albums because they would sell out in one day. Some of the customers had even paid for them long before the actual album came out.

Then, the Internet came to be, and we got to see all sorts of artists who even though they didn’t have any sort of record deal, they might as well have one. One of the groups that became more successful because of YouTube is Pentatonix. They feature very talented singers who are as diverse as they are talented. The very first song that I heard was actually a medley of Daft Punk.

They had some costume changes that changed with every song. They sounded exactly like the original artist in the record. They made many other covers, including one that featured Michael Jackson’s greatest hits called, “Evolution of Michael Jackson.” With hits from the time he performed with the Jackson 5 to the last singles he produced.

There was another very talented acapella group called Home Free. They came out of a contest that was looking for the best acapella group. Even though there were some groups that also came out of that contest and have their own YouTube channels, they haven’t been so famous as Home Free. They have done a lot of covers the most successful of them being the ones they did for country songs.

This next guy is right up there with the best of them. His name is Peter Hollens and he has one of the best Christmas covers out there. This next video is the one that I have enjoyed the most. It features him doing a lot of voices to the point that he gets close to 300. Then, a very special touch comes as soon as you see the singers in red dresses. This is one you won’t want to miss.