She walks by a soldier reading a newspaper. After a second look, she realizes who it is!

I love soldier homecoming videos. There’s nothing like sharing the joy and excitement of seeing your loved ones in an unexpected way. I’ve seen a lot of them over the years, and I have to say, many of them are very ingenious. Like the one where one soldier talks to the staff of the Cleveland Cavaliers. He has gotten home earlier than expected.

The Cleveland Cavaliers dress him up as “Hot Dog” the mascot. They bring his family to the center of the court during the half-time show. The team staff gives the whole family team jerseys with the name of the soldier on the back, then tells them they will be getting a family picture as a souvenir. The family takes their place at center court and for some reason, the “mascot” keeps blocking their view.

The announcer asks the mascot to move because there are trying to get a family portrait taken and time is of the essence. After the second time, the announcer asks the mascot, the mascot costume comes down revealing the soldier underneath it. The family is in shock as they cannot believe their eyes when they see daddy reporting for duty.

Another emotional one is one with a group of cheerleaders. They are practicing and are told to go to the next room. One of them has a family member who has been serving in the Navy and was supposed to return until one month later. When the cheerleaders go into the room, you can see one of them dropping to the floor and start crying. The camera pans out and you can see the Navy man with a bouquet of flowers hugging the cheerleader.

Another very emotional one takes place at a school volleyball court. The father of one of the girls practicing has just come back from his deployment and talks to the school personnel, so they can let him surprise his daughter. He enters the gym area and is seen walking over to the court. When he gets to the court, you can hear his daughter scream in excitement and then, she goes and hugs him.

The people in the next video decided to do something more original. Instead of going to where his mother is, this soldier will let her discover him on the street. The woman’s father is recording from a distance as the soldier is pretending to read a newspaper by himself, nothing special. Then, the woman appears in the recording and you won’t guess her reaction!