He walks on stage in a strange suit. No words can describe what follows!

America’s Got Talent has been the stage where many talented and unique people have chosen to let the world know just how special they are. Although I mostly enjoy watching singing performances, I also like to see something different once in a while. Some of the auditions presented there are very good, but haven’t had the support they’ve needed to make it big on the stage.

One of the first acts that caught my attention was a dance act by a Japanese guy called Kenichi Ebina. He described his act as ‘dance-ish’. He said it was a combination of robot dance moves with martial arts. He doesn’t look like your typical dancer, but then again, how is a dancer supposed to look like?

He goes to the stage and after introducing himself, he says that he first got into dancing after realizing that people went crazy when he did his ‘running man’ dance move. For some reason, this comment seemed to have rubbed the judges the wrong way. You can see that look on their face like, “this is going to be a long audition.” Wanting to cut right to the chase, the judges wished him good luck and he was set to start.

From the very beginning, it was clear that this would not be a regular performance. He started going through his routine doing moves that went from easy to difficult in a matter of seconds. Then, he does this crazy move like the one in Matrix where Leo was moving from side to side to avoid getting hit by the bullets. Then, he crowned it with this other move where he showed incredible muscle control and skills.

After seeing that, I thought that I would not find another act, as original or as cool as that one. But then, I ran across the following video. A guy is seen walking on the stage with a very strange suit. It doesn’t look like anything I had seen before. It did look a little heavy. The man wearing the suit doesn’t say anything, he just goes directly to take his place on the stage.

Then, the lights go out while one of the judges says that it will probably be interesting. Right after the lights go out, the man’s suit lights up. The music starts, and what follows is the single greatest dance audition I have ever seen. Talk about using technology and dance moves to excite a crowd!