Walmart shoppers stop to listen to the best cover of ‘Unchained Melody’

Unchained Melody’ performance at Walmart

At a Walmart in Orlando, Florida, shoppers were treated to a fantastic impromptu performance. Rodric King performed a cover of ‘Unchained Melody’ for everyone inside. No one was expecting to hear his voice that day.

The famous song by The Righteous Brothers has seen many renditions over the years. Rodric’s cover of the song is one of the best of all time. He first learned how to sing in 2009 by studying vocal trainers on YouTube.

He also spent years overcoming stage fright by going to grocery stores and karaoke nights to perform. After his performance in Walmart, it is clear that he has gotten over this fear.

Unchained Melody’ performance at Walmart

Rodric King walked into the gigantic store with a shopping cart. Inside the shopping cart was a large speaker with a mic attached to it. He chose a section of the store where people could see and hear him.

His incredible voice filled Walmart, and people started to take notice of him. Others slowly stopped what they were doing to watch his phenomenal performance. Some people even took their phones out to record him.

Around Rodric were the many aisles and products of the store, it was his concert hall, and the shoppers became his new adoring fans. Eventually, there was a small crowd listening to him.

Rodric King captured the hearts of the shoppers that day, and everyone applauded when he ended his performance. The people reacted joyfully to his exceptional voice. He thanked them all for listening to him.

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