Want to go for a walk? Daddy asks. The boxer’s answer breaks the Internet!

Dog owners around the world have one thing in common, they all love their pets, and all have funny stories to relay about their four-legged-family. How does your pooch react when asked if he/she wants to go for a walk? I know my dog goes ballistic and heads straight to the front door, sits and waits for me to open it, then she is straight out the door and into the field next door.

Other key words that she will react to are “Dinner” “Beach” and “Car”. An example of how clever our canine friends are is dinner time. In our house we feed our animals at 5PM every day. Now I don’t need to look at a clock to tell when it is dinner time because the animals are already hovering around me giving me those “feed me daddy” eyes.

It’s not just dogs that are so alert to time. I also have 3 cats, all rescue animals, which also have built in alarms. So 5PM comes and I have 1 Rottweiler, 3 cats and a stray dog that seem to think it lives with us, all wanting their dinner. Did I mention the stray? It seems that this little dog, who we call “Whitey” has decided to live with us on a part time basis. Now I have met his real owner who doesn’t have a problem with this dog-sharing-scenario, so it looks as if we now have one-and-a-half-dogs.

“The Car”. All I have to do is pick up the car keys and our beloved pooch is on to me. “We going for a drive dad?” “Are we, Are we?” Our dog just loves going in the car, she hangs her head out of the window and laps up the scenery, just happy to be out of the house. The downside of these little excursions is that she is a bit of a drooler, so after every outing the car needs to be washed to get her little trademarks off of the doors.

“The Beach”. We are lucky enough to live only a few miles from the local beaches so our dog has been spoiled her entire life by being able to enjoy the outdoors, especially the beach. She loves to run through the sand, always playing with the other dogs whose owners are also there. Funny thing though, she is not that keen on the water, so when we throw a ball for her into the sea, she stands at the water’s edge and waits for the waves to bring it in, she’s not stupid our furry-friend.

We are lucky to have such a wonderful friend like our dog, she is always loving, all be it sometimes demanding, but she is faithful and loyal to us both. As for the cats, well they are another story.

Click the link below to meet “Tyson” the not-so-bashful-boxer. Now it appears that Tyson loves to go for a walk, so when his dad poses the question “Do You Want To Go For A Walk” Tyson’s reaction is priceless. The adorable bundle-of-energy will have you in tears.