Want-to-be mama dog babysits foster kittens like her little babies

Megan had been fostering animals for some time now, and she always got help from her pet dog, Kona. The sweet dog loved to be around the little ones and was always next to them. So when Megan found some kittens, she tried to locate their mom.

Unfortunately, they were unable to find the mama cat. So, Megan decided to foster the kittens. Surprisingly, when the rescuer came home, her pet dog was already by the door trying to sniff at the new ones. It felt like she was telling her owner to let her take care of the little ones.

Megan had made a temporary place for the babies in the bathroom. Kona went to the bathroom, where the kittens were kept for the time being. The gentle dog would keep staring at the babies. Sometimes, the cute dog went close to the kitten tunnel and stuck her head inside.

Whenever Kona was in the bathroom, it was either grooming time or playing around with the tiny kittens. The babies would climb up on the giant dog, and Kona would play around with them. Megan could see in Kona’s eyes that all she wanted to do was be with the kittens.

Eventually, the kittens were officially introduced to the other household residents. While Kona was instantly attracted to the kittens and wanted to take care of them, the cute dog had to convince the other pets that they could have fun with them and take care of them too.

However, she would always keep an eye over the kittens. In addition, she would monitor the movements of the other pet dogs Tuna, Mahi, & Grizzly, to understand how they would play and interact with the kittens. However, due to Kona’s attitude towards the kittens, the other animals got more accepting of them.

Megan believed that the pet dog was a perfect foster mom. It was all because of the mama dog that the kittens became more independent, but they always had Kona when they needed her. Soon, the kittens got adopted, but because of the dog’s fostering experiences, she got better at socializing.

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Want-to-be mama dog babysits foster kittens like her little babies