Want To Watch The First Ever Cat Video From Over 100 Years Ago

I’m so happy that we can now immortalize great films, both from film reels to digital. We can even improve the film’s quality and audio thanks to software that is available on the internet. The 21st century has come a long way as far as technology is concerned. I believe the film industry truly benefits since they can now preserve old and original films from when cinema first started.

Take the original short film, The Sick Kitten. This was filmed in 1901, over a century ago! The story is very simple. It’s about two kids playing doctor and the patient is a sick kitten. The doctor arrives with a bottle of medicine, and administers two spoonfuls to the kitten, and suddenly, she is well again and the doctor takes a bow and leaves. Can’t you just imagine kids doing this with their pets today and their parents finding it cute enough to film? I certainly can. In fact, I think I might have played this same game with my dog growing up!

Simple plot but I’m sure there were many who watched The Sick Kitten when it was first shown. The director, George Albert Smith was known as a pioneer of modern film and one of the first to take close-up shots. This proves that people loved cat videos over a century ago, and the same is still true today!

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