They Wanted To Show The World What It Feels Like To Be A Father, So They Did THIS. HILARIOUS!

Remember how when you were a kid you used to be embarrassed by your parents? It’s a problem many children have, actually. Either your parents try too hard, or they aren’t hip enough. No matter how much we love them, it is humiliating to be seen out in public. But these four dads in the video have some wisdom to share with all the kids!

These awesome dads decided to prepare a rap to convey to everyone just what it means to be a father. Their song is called “Dad Life” and it is going to leave you in stitches. These fathers are very aware of their status in the household and the society as whole. But instead of trying to deny it or get out of it, they embrace it with pride!

In this video you will see four very average looking dads. To look at them, you wouldn’t guess that they could come up with such a great rap song to convey their message. They try to look hip and cool, but they fail on purpose to help convey their message to the youth of today. They drive minivans, wear aprons when they grill, and their pants are too short when they sit down. But none of these things are really important.

In their song they talk about all of the normal dad things they do every day, like work, gardening, relaxing in the man cave, and putting the kids to bed. It’s pretty funny to listen to, but they send a great message.

Watch them rap in the video below! What did you think about it? Let us know in the comments!

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