He Wants To Get His Ailing Mom A Christmas Present, But What He Does For It Is Heart Breaking

This video shows a heart touching Christmas story through a song that appears to be sung by a young boy who wants to buy a pair of beautiful shoes for his mother who is sick. The song actually tells the incredible story of this little boy who has gone to buy these shoes for his mom because he wants her Christmas Eve to be special since it may be her last. The little boy is willing to do anything for his ailing mother, but money limits his options.

He goes to buy the shoes for his mom, but he doesn’t have enough money for that, so he asks for help from a person who is standing near him. He knows that his ailing mom is soon going to leave so he wants to make her last Christmas happy by getting her a pair of shoes. The man standing behind him has watched him throughout the video and understands his problem, and he is kind-hearted enough to help the little boy. The video is so heart touching that it will surely leave you in tears.

We often think of Christmas as a time to help those in need, but remember, those in need are in need all the time and need your help all year long.

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