When He Wants To Get Into The House, The Cat Does THIS! You Will Never Believe It

Animals can be very intelligent and even manipulative. The internet has given us a lot of examples of this fact. We have seen animals do many clever things, but this cat right here takes the prize home! You will be on the floor when you watch what he does. This is such a surprise and totally worth a look.

Bruno the cat is seen here taking full advantage of his owners when he gets locked out of the house. Just guess how he achieves his desired result. By ringing the bell of course! Bruno’s owner tells us that he lets them know when he is ready to come inside by learning to ring the doorbell like anyone else that visits. They even have a custom made shelf that Bruno jumps up and then rubs up against the bell to summon his minions.

It’s so amazing already but there is more. Bruno only goes out when he knows he will have owners that are awake to let him back in. So the owners never have to worry about where their friend is after midnight. This is one insanely clever cat. You’ll see that Bruno isn’t all that gracious when his owners let him in either. See him walk right on by without so much as a thankful glance and he acts like his owner exists just to let him back in upon his ringing the bell?

Bruno sure is incredible and we hope that you think so too. If you like, please leave a comment below and let us know what you think of him and share the clip with everyone you know!

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