Israeli Couple and Their Precious Baby use Song to Bring Hope

An Israeli couple sing songs of hope and love in a time of fear and hate in our video below. This video, which they upload on their YouTube channel, has gained the couple and their precious baby a huge fan base.

Yoni and Nina, the couple is better known as ‘Yonina,’ sing songs of joy that lift up spirits, and by watching the video, it’s clear to see why. Clear melody and harmonious voices lift up in song, and you can’t help but love the happy scene they present – a loving couple with a happy baby who loves everything they do.


What makes this video so special is that when the couple burst into song, the baby laughs and smiles in return. What could be sweeter than a giggly baby who is all smiles for his mum and dad? This couple definitely knows how to make their six-month-old baby really happy as they fill the space with music and spread smiles with the joy of their song.

Singing “One Day” by the artist Matisyahu, this song has beautiful harmonies that are chimed in with perfect timing by the dad as the mum sings the song. Many people globally are touched by the sentiment and message they send across via their music, with each video garnering hundreds and thousands of views just a few hours of getting posted. What a beautiful family spreading a beautiful message.

Israeli Couple and Their Precious Baby use Song to Bring Hope