She Started To Sing “Come All Ye Faithful” – Then HE Joins In? I’M IN TEARS!

The gentle piano intro brings about a distinct feeling. The precision of each key played perfectly alongside a duet as famous as this, must be nerve-racking. With this song being the driving force to illicit such a great state of mind, these two blockbusters begin the gracious gift of “Come all ye faithful.” The most precious kids can be seen joyfully playing in the background in an array of different quirky costumes.

The Supremely talented Susan Boyle shows off her amazing dominance of range and professional standards. Dear Susan can be best remembered by her many show-stopping performances in Britain’s Got Talent.” She may be a bit nervous with her duet partners amazing superstar right alongside her. She’s never performed with this timeless legend before. It’ll be their first time performing a duet together.

The coy young kids are the expression of innocence. With everyone in a distinctly different costume, working together or playing. It really is the time of year for good cheer and peace the holidays can be rough, but we all get through them. Some not as gracefully as others, but that’s beside the point. The point is the wellness and general compassion towards our fellow humans.

As with most, this duet went beautifully. With the talented, boa-sporting Susan Boyle as well as our mystery celebrity… Elvis himself.  I didn’t think it was possible for this duet to even happen, but sure as sugar it did. I was at overjoyed as the pieces crescendo. What did you think? Who are some other performers you’d like to see do duets? Please leave a comment in the comment box below, and have a Merry Christmas.

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She Started To Sing \