WARNING: CUTENESS OVERLOAD! Watch This Group Of Kittens As They Dance Their Way Into Your Heart!

In a well-coordinated dance number, all dancers move elegantly and effortlessly at the same time. It’s what makes the dance look so good and work so well. In this particular number, however, there is no such thing happening.

It seems that teamwork is not a priority here, as the mother of these four adorable kittens is not even remotely interested in spending this time dancing in sync with her amazing little cats. As the kittens watch something flying through the air in front of them, they move together in perfect harmony. Up and down, around, over and back up again. They are about as cute as anything that you have ever seen.

But their mother is not even remotely interested. She sits next to her kittens, looking as if she’s just waiting for an opportunity to escape the madness going on around her. It’s comical to see her look so disinterested in what is going on around her when there is a perfect harmony of kittens dancing next to her!

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