WARNING: Incredibly Deadly Creature Recently Found In The U.S. Here’s How To Spot It!!!

We are always warned about invasive species and the border takes extra precautions to make sure that no invasive species enters the country. Yet it is hard to control everything. Recently, the New Guinea flatworm was discovered in Cape Coral and the sightings have triggered a panic mode amongst many people.

This is because these parasites can easily hide in soil and exotic potted plants and can’t be seen easily if they are camouflaged in the soil. Officials surmise that it probably came over in 2012 and it has been listed as one of the top 100 most invasive species in the world.

The flatworm is only a few mm thick, but grows to 2.5 inches and is a threat to local snails. The worm wraps itself around the snail and slowly ingests it with its mouth that is located in the center of its body. These can be identified by their dark colours and prominent orange stripe that runs through the center of their body.

If you notice one of these around your place, please take pictures and notify the local authorities. They are not only a danger to the snails but to humans as well. They can infect rodents which will in turn infect humans to cause meningitis, skin problems and other diseases.

Be warned, they are dangerous. Have you seen any of these in your area? Write in and let us know!

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