Be Wary Of These Kitty Burglars Who Steal Money… Hysterical!

Cats have been silly for some time, they are not always up for what everyone else is doing. Back in the days of yarn fascination and the sort, we found that cats could be amazed by the strangest things. It appears this trend will continue for some time. Cat’s don’t have an economy or market. If they did, then maybe catnip and yarn would be more prevalent, however since they don’t it can be weird when they try to take your money. Almost like, what’s the point? Why? Is there a toy that you’ve secretly being eyeing that I haven’t picked up on? I can buy it for you, just let me know, don’t go through my monies. Yet, these cats may just love the interactions with their parents.

While the idea of a “cat burglar” is funny, when it happens to you, or something you use a lot, the effects can be quite weird. You could ask your son or daughter if they took money, or maybe someone who lives with you, and that can breed contempt and distrust. When all along it was your furriest of friends taking your money just for the thrill of the hunt. I’m not sure if the bills were coated in some sort of cat attractor or what, but they certainly all seem gaga for money. It really baffles me. What did you think of these hilariously money hungry cats?

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