Watch This Absolutely Amazing Video Of This Protective Cat!

We all know that cats have a horrible reputation, despite their huge popularity online! Cat lover sometimes really find themselves defending and speaking in favor of their pet because they are greatly misunderstood creatures. With mysterious temperaments and very stubborn and independent personalities, it’s easy to dismiss them as mean animals if you have never owned one. Well this video will put an end to this misconception! It shows a very protective cat that is very defensive of his little human friend. When this feline thought the baby was in danger, he immediately rushed to his side and did something will no doubt shock you.

The security camera shows footage of the babysitter playing in the living room with the little toddler! The scene is absolutely adorable, they are messing around with a ball and the baby accidentally throws a glass and begins crying, the baby sitter pushes the babe away to prevent any injuries from the glass. However, the baby’s guardian is not impressed by the incident! And to make matters worse he assumes that the sitter is guilty of all the casualties in the war zone!

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