Watch An Absolutely Shameless Parrot Commandeer A Plastic Comb For His Own Musical Purposes

Parrots are very brainy birds and the brainiest of them all is the African Gray. One outstanding individual parrot, named Alex, was closely studied by scientists for over 30 years. They found that Alex’s brainpower was about on par with a dolphin or an ape! The African Gray’s uncanny ability to mimic human speech has made it a particularly popular companion parrot.

It’s important to know that keeping a parrot as a pet is a major commitment. An African gray, for instance, can be expected to live 40 to 60 years and this isn’t unusual for a parrot. A spacious cage is a must along with a jungle gym for exercise. Parrots require a diet rich in fruit, seeds, and nuts. But above all, they require attention. Parrots get lonely and bored very easily. It takes a lot of training and socialization, preferably from an early age, for a parrot to be conditioned as a pet. Parrot intelligence is often a source of delight but it also means they misbehave in some very creative ways. However, if you’re up to the task, a parrot can be an incredibly rewarding pet. They can be very affectionate and love interacting with humans and will form a super-strong strong bond with their favorite person.

One brainy African Gray, appropriately named Einstein, found his human’s purple comb on a bathroom counter. He was quick to figure out that it could be used as a fun new percussion instrument. The teeth on the comb weren’t entirely to the parrot’s liking but he came up with a bright idea: snap off bits of some of them and see if it works better. It’s a good bet Einstein is going to have to work on the teeth some more before his new musical instrument is perfected.

We’ve posted the video of this handsome and intelligent parrot below. As you’ll see, he is at least apologetic, although he won’t be giving the comb back, either!

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