Watch What This Adorable Baby Duckling Does Every Time His Owner Goes For A Walk

Many people might not know that ducklings tend to form an immediate attachment to their mother, once they hatch, and their instincts tell them to follow the mother everywhere in order to stay safe. But if a duckling hatches and the mother is not there, they will form a strong attachment to whoever they see first, and that appears to be what has happened in this next video. But the duckling isn’t attached to another duck. He’s attached to a grown man!

This video features a cute little duckling named Charley and he is the most adorable thing you’ll ever see. Even a little child will let go of his/her parent when they feel comfortable. But not this little duckling! He doesn’t want to let go of his owner even for a second. You have to see what Charley does when his owner goes for a walk!

This owner in the video couldn’t believe this little duckling followed him everywhere, so he decided to record what his duckling did every single time he went out for the walk. As we can see in the video, this duckling runs as soon as his owner starts walking and stops whenever his owner stops. But what happens when his owner starts running away from him? Well, let’s just say this little duckling will not be left behind!

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