Watch As This Adorable Black Cat Brings A Stuffed Animal Friend To Bed With Him

Kitties are some of the cutest animals to ever walk the planet. With their adorable toe beans, precious meows, and hilarious behavior, there are so many reasons why we love our pet cats. When they sit on top of us, it feels like we’re the chosen ones, never to move a muscle as we take on the role of their throne! Hearing them purr is one of the most satisfying, feel-good experiences out there. It’s always fun to discover what makes our kitties happiest!

Black cats can be especially adorable. With their mysterious nature and glowing eyes, they can be especially fun to observe. For this black cat in particular, who is named Bernie, one of the best things in life is a stuffed kitty companion. Bernie takes his “girlfriend” everywhere he goes, even into bed for a night full of warm, loving cuddles. Wait until you see what happens when he hops into bed!

Bernie’s new little sister, Lani, was relaxing when her brother jumped up with his stuffed pal. Can you guess what happens after that? Lani and Bernie start to fight over the toy cat, with little Lani trying her very best to pull the toy from her brother’s clutches. How cute is this?

You never know what cats are going to start play fights over, but one thing is for sure – Bernie isn’t about to let his girlfriend get taken away from him! You have to see this adorable video for yourself. These kitties are really something else!

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