Watch As This Adorable Cat Becomes Completely Mesmerized By This Bubble Timer

Cats are pretty interesting animals. You can never really tell what they’re going to do next. While some cats are lazy, others act like energetic puppies. One cat might be a fan of milk while another might detest anything but tuna. Every kitty is unique, but most cats have one thing in common: they get distracted super easily!

You’ve probably seen plenty of videos of cats trying their hardest to catch bugs, lasers, or feathery contraptions. Some kitties might stare out the window for hours, totally uninterested in anything else. On the other hand, some might find everything interesting! No matter what it is that’s capturing a cat’s attention, their reactions to the world around them are often highly entertaining.

When Ava the cat was introduced to a bubble timer, she was completely unable to look away! She couldn’t get a grasp on how the colorful bubbles were falling down and zigzagging throughout the container. It was like she had acquired her own personal lava lamp of sorts! You’re going to lose it when you see how enamored she is by this thing!

Ava could obviously watch the timer for hours and hours. She’s probably asking herself how it works and why she’s the only one intrigued by its wonder. Little does she know, we’re more interested in her reaction to the device than the device itself! It’s so cute how much this kitty loves her new favorite toy.

Have you ever seen a cat react this way to something before? These animals really are something else! It must be nice to spend the entire day watching this bubble timer. Be sure to share the hilarious clip with your family, friends, and fellow cat lovers! Then, leave us a comment down below to share your thoughts on this adorable kitty.