Watch This Adorable Cat Lovingly Groom Her Content Bunny Rabbit Friend

There’s nothing quite as cute as witnessing two animals from totally different species show love and compassion toward one another. Whether we watch a blossoming friendship between two creatures sharing a home, see species collide during spontaneous adventures in the wild, or find one type of animal adopting another, there are plenty of surprising ways in which animals give each other love. Oftentimes, these animals can be kinder to one another than us humans can be.

Sometimes, even the most skittish of animals can be tamed by a gentle friend. The animals featured in the clip below are a prime example of an unexpected pairing that treat each other so sweetly! Ava the kitty and Nibbles the bunny rabbit have found a divine friendship with one another that makes them both happy.

While Ava thinks she’s asserting her dominance by taking over cleaning duties for her furry friend, Nibbles is actually under the impression that she’s being pampered due to her own dominant position. Little do the two know that they aren’t exactly on the same page when it comes to who’s running the show. Neither has any idea that they aren’t the alpha!

Despite this misunderstanding, they’re both content with this passing of affection, and it’s clear that they’re close and trusting enough to get so snuggly with one another. Isn’t this one of the cutest things you’ve ever seen?

It’s so interesting how different animals act when it comes to showing off their position at the top of the chain. Or, trying to, at least! One thing’s for sure: these two cuties have found a mutually beneficial friendship that, with true dedication, is sure to last ages! Be sure to share this adorable clip with your friends and family. Then, leave your thoughts in the comment section down below!