Watch As Adorable Dog Transforms Into Scaredy Cat And Runs In Terror! LOL!

Dogs are supposed to be the guardians of our home as well as loyal companions for the family. We all feel a little safer when we have a pet dog in our home, sleeping well at night knowing that their watchful eyes will always be on the alert for any danger. However, this dog proves to be the exception to the rule.

As lovable as he is, this noble protector shies away from many objects that the owner confronts him with. And trust me, when you watch the video, you’ll be laughing your guts out too! You’d imagine that the objects in the video would be scary things – ones that are too strange or weird that even humans would understand the canine’s terror.

Watch the dog run away from a bottle of mayo, a condom and even a very harmless looking yellow banana! What makes this video so amusing is that this darling pooch is cared of even John Cena! With such a cute reaction, it’s hard to fall in love with the dog and the amusing antics of the owner.

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