Watch Adorable Grizzly Bear Cub Learn to Feed from a Bowl

Beautiful baby grizzly bears are featured in this lovely video in which kind people care for these beautiful little animals. Watching them bottle-feed is so cute, even though they quickly get too big. Little Leroy is an adorable cub, and Stella is just as precious. Zhora is such a cute big baby. The cubs are being weaned onto regular food. What makes bears happier than porridge? The image of cubs eating this food is classic, and the cubs seem to enjoy it.

It is so sweet how caring these people are to take the time to raise these little ones. They are highly cautious and patient with them, teaching them to feed from the bowls. Seeing them first learn how to master having solid food is heart-rending. They look similar to a cat drinking from a bowl, and it just becomes natural to them.

Zhora learns how to eat first and is even starting to walk! He does such a great job! The cubs are all growing and becoming strong, and accomplishing more is fantastic. It is fun to watch the bears get all messy when they eat and the people wipe off their adorable little faces as if they are human babies!

The video makes you wish you could cuddle with them all! They are so cute and intelligent. Watching the cubs eat is quite endearing. These creatures also look like little teddy bears; you want to hug them as you sleep. Watch these baby bears because you can never have too much cuteness!

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Watch Adorable Grizzly Bear Cub Learn to Feed from a Bowl