Watch As This Adorable Hairless Cat Takes A Bath

Who would have thought a kitten would love water as much as this one does? His owners weren’t sure how he would take to the water, but being a hairless cat meant that he requires special care that other cats don’t. Where other cats groom themselves and clean themselves, a hairless cat requires a bath occasionally. So when his owners filled the tub for Monty’s first bath, they decided to record it in case things went well, which they did. Exceptionally well.

This little hairless Sphynx absolutely loves his first bath. Sphynx cats are unique for more than just their hairlessness. They’re known to be one of the more “dog-like” cats in the animal world, being more social than many cats. They’re very energetic, intelligent and playful. Something we can certainly see in this video! Their unique appearance isn’t for everyone, but their good disposition makes them ideal pets.

As Monty swims around in the bath, he’s actually being entertained by some swimming toys that he loves to try to catch. He has toys he can chase and carry in his mouth, and he seems to really love the water. I’m sure his owners were relieved, especially since they now know bath time won’t be a fight.

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