Watch The Adorable Moment This Pit Bull Meets A Baby

Nothing on the internet quite beats the heart-warming sweetness of an animal trying to make sense of a human child when they meet for the first time. Animals seem to have an innate sense that the child is innocent and needs protecting.

Time and time again, sweet videos of dogs of every imaginable breed have surfaced to prove that sometimes pets make the best babysitters for our little ones. A while back, we shared a video of a Siberian husky playing sweetly with a seven-month-old baby. Infants have a tendency to grab and pull on things as they are discovering the world around them. So for a dog to so readily know that they are just curious and respond accordingly is enough to put a smile on the face of even the toughest cat loyalists.

This video is no exception. But the upside is that when this bouncing baby meets his first dog, it’s a bully breed pup — a pit bull with enviable patience and a wagging tail. At one point, the child walks up to the pit bull and as he stares up at him, he’s wagging his tail the whole time. When the little one starts dragging a chair in danger of toppling over, he simply moves out of the way — still looking sweetly up at his owner as she manages to catch the whole thing on film.

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