Watch This Adorable Video of People Becoming Foster Failures To These Two Kittens

With all the homeless kittens that end up in shelters, many foster families are needed to help the kittens survive and they are an important step in finding these kittens forever homes. The shelters and organizations simply cannot take care of all the kittens by themselves. As a result, they need foster families to help raise the kittens and provide them with a temporary home till they are ready to be adopted.

But fostering kittens can be hard, and many foster parents are doomed to fail. Taking care of the kittens is the easy part. The hard part is letting them go. That’s how people become foster failures, because they end up adopting the kittens themselves! Watch the video below and see how these humans became foster failures to the two kittens they raised!

These little kitties are the cutest! And of course, I don’t blame them for getting too attached to their foster kitties. Kittens have a special way of pawing right at your heartstrings! Roodi and Cupcake are celebrating their first anniversary with their foster failure of a family, and you’ll see the important moments in their lives from start to finish.

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