Watch This Amazing Footage Of A Retirement Home, But When The Dogs Do This, I’m Crying

Elder dogs are extremely sweet and gentle! Sadly they are one of the most abused animals in general.  With tons of medical complications, cognitive deficiencies and all around more attention needed, there aren’t many shelters that give elder dogs the care their need.  I find this incredibly heartbreaking.

It’s so common for dogs to enter shelters because they’ve gotten too old for their owners to handle. Maybe the owner is impatient with the time it takes their dog to go to the bathroom. Maybe the owner doesn’t like the fact their dog isn’t a cute puppy anymore. Maybe there have been money issues and the dog’s medical expenses are low on the list of priorities. Whatever the case may be, senior dogs have a particularly difficult time being re-homed. But one woman is doing her part to keep these elderly pets from losing hope, and it’s absolutely incredible to watch.

In 2006, Sher Polvinale and her late husband, Joe, created a senior pet sanctuary in their Gaithersburg, MD home. At House With A Heart, canine and feline residents who would otherwise be homeless and/or euthanized are provided with a loving forever home.

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