Watch The Amazing Power Circles Have Over Cats!

Most cat owners know that cats are whimsical  creatures. Part of their bad rap sometimes comes from how difficult they are to train. However any cat enthusiast worth their salt knows that the best way to make a kitty cooperate is to meet him half way.  If you get them interested in your project, you are one step closer to getting a desired reaction from them. At the end of the day, it just depends on your ability to bond with little tyke.  Their personalities are that different!

However, on the video below, you can see a great example on how to trap your cat without fail! Watch and decide if you want to try it with your feline friends! Famous YouTube kitties Cole and Marmalade are here to prove that cats will sit in just about any circle you lay out for them. Masking tape circle? Check. (Though Marmalade doesn’t make for the greatest example.) Circle crafted out of sting? Probably. And for the best results, try a circle made out of paper.

Watch which types of circles these kitties prefer. Animal behavior experts explain that it has to do with felines liking enclosed spaces!

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