Sandy Palen Shares Her Short Film ‘The Wild Horses Of Pryor Mountain’ – Simply Magnificent

Since early humans domesticated horses, around 3500 BCE, these amazing creations of nature have been a blessing in our lives. There are a lot of videos out there showing you how magnificent and majestic horses can be, but this video may be the most amazing yet.

This was filmed at The Pryor Mountains near Billings, on the Montana/Wyoming border. Sandy Palen and Amber Bushnell captured some amazing wild horses doing what comes naturally to them.

Sandy heads into the mountains several times a year and camps with these beautiful horses. She says that since this was filmed, some of the horses have passed away and watch in this video can be hard sometimes.

The music which accompanies the beautiful pictures captured by Sandy and Amber is called “Spirit Horse” by Mary Ann Kennedy. This video is absolutely breathtaking, and a part of America I had never seen before. Don’t miss this stunning video below; you may find yourself planning a trip to Montana soon.

Sandy Palen Shares Her Short Film \'The Wild Horses Of Pryor Mountain\' – Simply Magnificent