Watch As A Brave But Mischievous Turtle Hitches a Ride by Piggybacking On A Gharial

A Video Of A Large Turtle Piggybacking On A Gharial

Over at the Bronx Zoo, it seems that animals of all types get on – literally. Just look how this giant turtle hitches a ride, piggybacking atop a Gharial. With a history stretching 42 million years back, this is undoubtedly not the first time this has happened but definitely one of the only times caught on camera.

Perhaps the friendly interaction indeed has something to do with just how long Gharials have been around. These critically endangered crocodilians are the longest living of them all. Feeding off a diet of fish alone, the turtle is at no risk. Sean Murphy was lucky to capture footage that is not only funny but so rare as well.

Watch as this adept swimmer maneuvers with grace underwater while being barely mobile on land. Once you’ve seen how this turtle piggybacks on a Gharial, you’ll surely want to see more of scarce reptile. They originate in Pakistan, and there’s only about 900 left, but only one that we know of is quirky enough to allow this!