Watch As These Rescued Cats And Prison Inmates Give Each Other A Second Chance! Amazing!

These prison inmates and rescued cats have something in common – A second chance in life! Washington State prison inmates are displaying a different kind of behavior since they started caring for these rescued cats. They were once known to be very notorious but a softer side emerged from them after the program was put in place. Joey Walters was one of the inmates who were given the task to take care one of the rescued cats and he himself admits that the cats have a significant effect on them! The affection that these inmates showed to their friend cat is so special and that’s something you don’t expect to see in an environment like this. Click the video below and watch this amazing cat rescue program.

Before any inmate gets the chance to take care of a cat, a cat rescue organization screens the inmate. They need to see if they have had any violent history and if they have been displaying good behavior. They do this to ensure that the cat is safe. This is one amazing program that benefits both parties!

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