Watch as this eye catching 3D sculpture spins into an even greater work of art!

Magic and optical illusions are two things that have always marveled me. The fact that something can be made to fool a person’s mind is fascinating. I started getting interested in optical illusions when I was a little boy. I had told my father that I wanted to be a magician one day, so he bought me my first magic-trick book. It had a lot of card tricks and many illusions I could try out.

I started practicing my magic tricks and would perform them on birthday parties as well as for my family and friends. The book focused on the fact that the brain could be fooled in many ways and that the magician’s greatest weapon was the unexpected. You see, it is easy for the mind to be more alert when the person knows what’s coming, but when the mind doesn’t know, the effect is far greater.

This is one of the reasons that most of the tricks that we see on YouTube videos feature magicians that don’t tell people what the trick is about. The minute the magician starts engaging the volunteers, the trick is kept somewhat secret, so the people will be kept guessing all the time. The trick ends up being something that nobody expected, and it just adds to the shock.

An optical illusion does not only trick the eye, but it also mixes up the mind. It’s a double whammy that leaves the person in a state-like trance after witnessing something that cannot be explained in words. It is almost as if there hadn’t been an illusion there in the first place.

John Edmark is an artist, designer, and inventor. He is a sculptor famous for creating kinetic sculptures. He uses geometry to fool the mind and marvel the sight with works of art that appear to move in front of people’s eyes. The way he achieves this is by basing on precise mathematics that test spatial relationships in nature. He goes much deeper than simple designs and delivers a powerful and mind-boggling result. This is something you are going to want to see for yourself.

But remember, what makes a work of art, a masterpiece, is being able to appreciate the beauty of it. It is something that was created to be admired and that it goes beyond anything you have ever seen. These works of art appear to move, to dance in front of your eyes. Enjoy!