Watch This Baby Pug Be Introduced To His Friends! You Won’t Believe How Cute He is! OMG!

Among the plethora of adorable dog videos out there, pugs share a very loyal following and well, it’s not hard to understand!  These absolutely cute dogs are extremely endearing! Their moods and gestures and their all-around silliness makes them great companions and a riot of fun!

This particular pug-owner is extremely proud of his little furry friend!  Just see for yourself how she went through the trouble of dressing the little pug up to introduce him to her friends! She attempted to put a bowtie but the baby pug is to tiny to wear it! You’ll fall right in love, that’s how adorable he is!

Baby pugs are known to be extremely small; this increases their cuteness levels exponentially!  This little one will perhaps grow into his puppy bow tie, but right now he is just ridiculously adorable!  All with the deep wrinkles and round endearing face that you can’t help but love!

Pugs are very playful and loving dogs any pug owner cannot resist owning more after the first one! That’s how charming they are, just look at this little gentleman win everyone’s heart!  This is only natural, pugs love to be the center of attention after all!

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